Lost Files on Sandisk Cruszer 32GB

I password protected the thumb drive and saved 100’s of pictures. All was fine for several weeks. Then i went to access the drive again and i was asked ot enter a new password - which i did and it was the same as the old one - and all the previous files had had been moved to the ‘vault’ but i cant open then. Any suggestions appreciated - please!!!


hi i have 16Gb sandisk and i forgot my pass , then i tried 3 times
and now its locked and i don’t want my data but its wont be formatted and i tried every way i know (disk mang,xp boot format ,win7 boot format) can you help me plz ,thank you

I had the exact same problem.  The encrypted files are still on the flash drive, but I cannot access them because of this “new” vault with the same password.  Have you found a solution? 

I suggest that you download a data recovery program and use the program to scan the sanddisk and see whether it can help you recover your files. you may check out this program that I used before.


hope this helps.