Can't find files on SanDisk flash drive

I have a SanDisk that I started loading files onto back in 2012, and they are encrypted with SanDisk Secure Access V1. Somehow the Secure Access file got deleted from the disk. I then dragged the encrypted folder with the files to my desktop, it said “copying 3 gig,” took a few minutes, and all I can find is a folder on my desktop labled “My Vaults” with nothing in it. Any help would be most appreciated


in that case i would not mess around the vault since the files are encrypted and if they get corrupted there will be no way to recover them. 

i suggest contacting the support of sandisk so they can send you the link to the version 1 of the software to try recover the vault

here is the link to send your question

Thank for the help.  I contacted them, though now it’s a slightly different problem.

The drive in question is a Cruzer Edge 4GB.  I have another which has Secure Access v1 on it, so I copied that and put it on the first drive.

Now, I can see my files again, but for some reason I can’t open them.  If I click on a Word doc, for example, nothing happens.

Word can not access files within the vault.  Same restriction with other apps.  Use SecureAccess to write the file to a writable media, hard drive or USB drive outside of the vault, then use Word to access the file.

I appreciate the help, Ed.  However, on my other cruzer, when I click a word file, opens.  I’m going to try your advice on the other drive.  Right now I’m on a libarary computer, and it won’t even recognize the drive I’m having issues with.  The other one works fine.