sandisk extreme ssd 240GB


Sandisk extreme SSD 240Gb does not do temperature reporting. It remains constant on 128 degrees. Any suggestions

Which program do you use for reading out the values?

On Windows 7 using SanDisk SSD Tool I can see that the Temperature (C2) value is 28 degree (celsius) in both RAW and Current Value.

Hi Eggheads, what software are you using for this? I’m pretty much curious. 

My SanDisk toolkit shows the same 128 temp.  Current Release of SpeedFan shows temp = 128.  OS Win XP PRO - with All available updates.

My 480 Sandisk Extreme also shows 128 constant both in the SSD Toolkit and in AIDA 64. This must be a total flaw in either the diode or the firmware.

Try crystaldiskinfo. That has always shown the temperature of my Sandisk extreme drives.

If that doesn’t work, I guess the thermal diode must not be working in your drive. Not really a big thing, but there should be a working thermal diode.

Just an update for everyone. After numerous contacts with Sandisk tech support they finally admitted they have had some reports of this temp problem. This was, of course, after several exchanges to allow them to blame my system. They finally agreed to RMA the drive.

While a bad temp diode may not be the worst thing that could happen to a drive, I do not know what it not working would do to the drive long term. Additionally, it has always been my decision that if a new electronic component has anything wrong with it, it should be returned sooner than later to avoid later problems - specially when it can be done with a very good return program.

This is when I found out that Sandisk does not do cross shipping, even with a credit card. Within my circle of friends, I know that Intel, OCZ and WD all do cross shipping. This means that Sandisk, if you use them will leave you without a card for a number of days.

Luckily, I was able to return the drive to the retailer I bought it from and they did cross shipping. I had a new drive overnight which does have a working temperature sensor and is otherwise perfoming very well.