240GB Extreme 128C Temp reading

I know this has been posted twice before but I’m already on my second 240gb extreme…wanted to get an opinion.

First one was 128C out of box, and I had it replaced with another 240gb that has the same problem. Firmware is R201 out of the box and I’ve checked it out with the sandisk toolkit, HWmonitor, crystal, speccy…etc.

My question is this should I just live with this issue?? The SSD works fine other than the temp sensor and it has a 3 year warranty sooo any other problems would be covered anyway. The only thing that upsets me really is the fact I’m on my second drive and its “broken” out of the box. This would not be ok if it was some other piece of hardware, but because I don’t really expect the temperature to be a problem I could technically just live without it. Its just frustrating and a shame that so much hardware comes defective. It’s not just sandisk I’ve read post on ocz forums, corsair, etc. with similar sensor problems.

I already called Sandisk and they would like to RMA this drive which would take about a week before I get the new one. But I’m considering just ignoring/canceling it and living with this issue. Maybe the next firmware update will fix this issue, I dunno. :confounded:

The issue is not even actually a bad sensor. it has to do with the settings applied during the manufacturing process. Unfortunately felid update will not likely resolve the settings issue since felid upgrade works differently than the manufacturing process.  The drive is not running that hot. The SMART is looking at a location that is not reporting any data so it returns FF which is 128c. From what i understand SAnDisk support replacement stock does not ahve the issue so if you are concerned go for replacement. 

Do you know if you RMA with Sandisk will they send you a new one or is it refurbished?

I guess I may just go ahead with the RMA. Interesting how that works internally, I’m guessing it was bad batch from the manufacturer? Two in a row from the retailer…

From what I understand it was an issue with a particular version of the manufacturing tool that was used for a short period of time. Apparently it has now been resolved. They send new drives as warranty replacement. 

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Well thats good to hear.

I sent mine out to them. They provided an overnight label and hopefully I’ll have the replacement, tomorrow, maybe friday…

I’ll write back once it’s in!

So this is my 3rd drive, second replacement. This time from Sandisk directly and it has the same defect.

128 C reporting back.

I think I’m just going to give up and live with it… :neutral_face:

I actually just bought a new 120gig one from a different vendor than where I bought the 240gig. We’ll see if that one has the same issue. I have another 120gig that I’ve been using for a couple months and it works fine as well. So far I’ve only seen this on three seperate 240gig drives.

Phone support took about an hour to get to the right person and I don’t want to go through that a third time. I just want to start using this drive in my new build. 3 Year warranty should cover any catastrophic failures that would actually make the drive un-usable. The temp is just a convenience and it just irks me that it’s not 100% perfect.

If they would do cross shipping, and get me a new drive first without me having to wait maybe I’d replace it again. But sandisk would need to assure me and do a test before they shipped it out. That would mean opening a new drive and testing on a workstation to see if the temp reports back correctly.

128c on mine, built in Aug 2012.

I don’t really care about the HD temp.

I agree I don’t reallly care about the temp either. It’s just that a new product should be 100% not come with a defect out of the box.

I just recieved a 120gig exreme I’m using in another computer and the same thing 128c temp.

My first sandisk 120gig that I bought a few months ago was probably from a batch before this issue showed up during manufacturing.

I have two 240GB EX SSDs, and both have the 128C temp reading problem. SanDisk may not know which production runs are affected by this, so the RMA center just sends out what they have.

IMO, for SSDs, the temp reading is really worthless, unless the SSDs are used in an hot environment. Still, this points to a QC problem, as the temp reading was clearly not checked, or they sent them out like that anyway. That does not inspire confidence, does it?

awikiwerk, I understand your frustration as I had on of the 128 degree drives and had fully re-installed w7 to it before I found out about this glitch ( really don’t like the cloning thing as something always seems to be missed).

I will not accept an out of the box product with something wrong with it as it just is an indicator of future problems in my mind. Luckily, I bought my 480 gig Extreme from Amazon and they overnighted me a new one which has a good temperature sensor - or at least the right path to it. It now registers between 25-27. This, however, necessitated a second rebuild of my system or about 8 hours of work. In return for my extra work, Sandisk would not even do a cross ship with a credit card. They were very unhelpful.

Admittedly, a temp sensor on an SSD is not as important as one on a HDD but if this circuit path or diode is wrong what else is wrong also? Computer components all have a limited life span so it is really up to you whether you fight it or not but with a 3rd drive doing the same thing Sandisk is doing something wrong and should step up.

Definitely agree that I would prefer to have had better service from Sandisk in terms of cross shipping a new drive.

But like pbniel mentioned I too bought mine from amazon and I just had them ship me a new one the first time which got to me overnight. Spent 5 minutes on the phone and had a new drive on the way. But in my case that one also had the issue so thats when I turned to Sandisk to see if I would get a drive from a different production run of drives.

If it means anything I have had a total of 5 sandisk extremes both 120g and 240 and 4 out of 5 have had the temp problem. I bought them from different vendors, 2 from amazon, 2 from newegg. The one that doesn’t have temp problem was from the previous revision because it did not have the R201 firmware preinstalled. That is probably why it is the only drive that I still have that didn’t have the temp problem.

I’m just sticking with the ones I have I think…I fought it but they all still have a 3 year warranty. IF I start to actually get performance loss or failures then I will be much more upset. I really like the price for performance with these sandisk extreme drives, they have good speeds and great price. I would be that much more confident in them if they didn’t have this annoying glitch! :wink: