Sandisk Plus 240 gb overheated

I installed Windows 7 and Windows 10 hard drives 7200rpm and its temperature is 37 degrees celcius but when i installed the operating system on my new 240gb ssd sandisk plus the temperature rises to 55 degrees or more . to please help me. thanks for your time and sorry for bad english. sandisk ssd dashboard 1.4.3 Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1 motherboard intel dh67cl socket 1155 30 degrees celcius. graphics nvidea gt730 38 degrees celcius. cpu intel core i3 3220 3.3ghz. 46 degrees celcius storage 223GB SanDisk SDSSDA240G SCSI Disk Device ssd 56 degrees celcius. ram 8gb ddr3 1333mhz .


in  that case the drive is not overheating and it can operate normally up to 70C so i should not worry about it. Furthermore you need to  check where the drive is located in the pc. If its a laptop then in general it will have a higher temperature, if its in a pc you need to see what is next or near to the drive, it may be a fan that blows hot air to the direction or the hdd is next to is etc

Thank you for answering I really appreciate it and fix the problem and my solid disk walk between 28 degrees to 33 degrees celcios celcios .


in that case the drive seems to work fine now.

I’m just buying my Sandisk SSD Plus 240gb for a week now and use it in my Laptop (Asus K45DR AMD APU8), Clone the OS from old HDD.

The temprature is now 56 degree, I’m not even using this for heavy task (Just few of tabs in Google Chrome, Line chat). Even the CPU usage is just 17%.

Is that really normal?

I’m checking in Sandisk SSD Dashboard application, and it says the Temprature is still normal (Green). But I’m checking with Crystal Disk Info it says overheat.

sandisk ssd dashboard.jpg

sandisk ssd crytstaldiskinfo.jpg

Btw sorry for my bad english.


in that case for a laptop the temperature is normal since every component is close with each other and the CPU and motherboard usually on a normal usage can reach up to 70o. 

You can use the software speccy fro piriform to check the whole temperature of the computer and then you can compare why the SSD is also so warm

if the whole system reaches like over 70o then of course the ssd will also have an increased temperature.

Crystal disk info hits the red when the HDD/SSD reaches up to 50 degrees

So I’m trying do some comparison by switching the slot of SSD.

Before this I’m putting my SSD on Primary slots (replacing old hdd) and put the old HDD in optical bay (using hdd caddy).


Now I’m switching the slot so my SSD will be in optical bay/secondary slot and noticed some significant changes in temprature:


Well, I think that’s because my laptop primary hdd slot is so close to the processor and the heatsink fan, while the optical bay slot is placed in different side of laptop.

But also there is little difference in performance. 

In primary slot:


In optical bay/secondary slot:


So, how do you think about it? Should I keep my SSD in optical bay/secondary slot so the temprature will be cooler or just put it in Primary slot so it will be slightly faster (but warmer)?

I would appreciate for any suggestion. Thx.


since the speed difference is about 10-20MB/s i would leave it on the secondary slot to ensure that the ssd will not get overheated from the processor since you have this option.

i have the same problem also sir but i think mine is more worst, when my SSD Plus heats up too much going for 50-55c, the PC gets stuck up for 2 minutes and suddenly return to its normal temperature and you can use it again as normal then the overheating occurs again after 15 minutes (browsing the web using google chrome with 5 to 10 tabs and also using microsoft office or PDF at the same time) i already installed 2 exhaust fans but still the problem shows up, sigh…