SanDisk SD5SG2256G1052E typical temperature.

Hi SanDisk,

What is the typical temperature for SD5SG2256G1052E? I know that operating range between 0 and 70 C, I have 50 C on ThinkPad X1 Carbon under Windows 8 according to data shown by SanDisk SSD Toolkit Firmware Revision 10.02.01(current value and raw value equal to 50). I don’t do any heavy IO operations.

Thanks for the help.

since the computer you are using is an ultra book i would say the cooling is not all that great so 50c is probably normal. in a desktop my SSD will stay anywhere from 28 to 35C but that is in a gaming tower with several fans. 


Thanks for the answer. I my desktop temperature of SSD(another brand) is 28C as well, so that why I’ve initiated this topic.