Extreme 24gb temperature reported at 128c

Just installed and copied W7x64, enabled and confirmed TRIM is active in the OS, drive going fine, BUT every diagnostics tool including SD SSD Toolkit repoerts the drive is 128c !

It doesn’t feel even warm to the touch, and at the moment, my case has both sides removed, and there is plenty of air flow in the drive cage.

Do I have a faulty disk ?

Ah !

Google is my friend.

It would appear that the disk has no temp sensor inside, and everyone of them reports.

What a stupid first post :flushed:

Stiil, maybe it should have been in the FAQ ?

Not stupid at all see this thread:


Oh dear !

So has everyone RMA-ed their disks ?

contact sandisk support. if you want an RMA for this issue they will give you one.