SanDisk Extreme Card Problem

I have Nikon 7000 Camera and using Sandisk Cards to take photos, now my Sandisk Extreme 4gb card is over heaten  in the camera and reader too and also asking Format. How can i recover my photos, I have fill the card with  about 400 of wedding photos, I also tried the Sandisk’s Free recovery software, but the it showing only 0.39 mb of 4GB. and again asking the Format message.  Please help me… 

Try putting the card in the refrigerator overnight.  Then plug it in the pc and if it works copy everything off of it ASAP.

No its showing the 0.39 mb  of 4GB, 

Sir, Why the Card is overheten, any transistors damage in the card?

Why the Card is overheten

Poor air circulation?  Bad pc power supply?  Have you tried the card in a different pc?  Or the refrig like I suggested? 

any transistors damage in the  card?”

Certainly possible.  Heat will destroy an electronic device the same as water.

Thank you Sir,  

I have tried it other PC and other Cameras, the same problem is remaining .   If any transisitors damage, Can I repair the Card by a technician? and can I remoove the chip from the card and put any other cards for recovery? I am not bothered  about the card

My Datas are most important. please give me a good sugession.

Best regards

Now the card is in refrig safely.

The freezer section I hope.  It’s what I meant to say.

The SDHC card have single chip with circute only, so these problem couldn’t rectify.  I have missed my photos irecoverably.