sandisk e140, broken display, please guide me to play songs


I fell asleep over my mp3 player and broke the lcd screen, but the player itself still works. Right now, only some songs can be played. Can anybody please help me, guiding me to select “play all songs” or “play all albums” so I still can enjoy of my old and faithful e140?


pd. you know, you can tell me something like “press menu, then two times down, then right, then…” and so on.

It depends on what screen it was on when it broke. If you can find the MUSIC menu, PLAY ALL should be the 1st/top option but finding the MUSIC menu sight-unseen is the problem.

This is assuming the 100 series is anything like the 200 series. It’s an old player that’s not supported anymore. There isn’t even a board for it here on the forum. :cry:

CORRECTION: There is indeed a board for the e100 & c100 series on this forum. It is called the MP3 Legacy board. I wasn’t aware of the ‘nickname’. :wink:

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thanks anyway Tapeworm. I hope someone may have this old player hidden in that shoebox under the bed.

Hey Joaquin,

Try this … press and hold menu for 3 seconds (turns it on), press menu again but don’t hold it down this time (takes you to the little screen that says Music), then push the >>- button ( takes you to the menu that already has 'Play All" hilighted), then the center button (enter).

Hope this helps!

Good Luck!