Sandisk M230 Blank Screen

My screen got wet and I only have partial view.  Can someone help by giving me the steps to get back to my music.  I’m stuck on the FM radio.  I looked for a PDF instruction DOC on the web, but none are available

I found the PDF but need the menu sequence to get back to my music example… menu button> forward button twice and so on

once you tap menu once it brings you to the main menu, you will see play all as the first option if im not mistaken

I have no display and would like someone that has a M230 to tell me how I can get back to my music and play all, by telling me once I enter the menu, how many down arrors, rights or lefts are need to get to the MP3 player

you said previously you had a partial view, now your saying you have none. Which is it?

If you hit the menu button once, and just hit the center button untill you hear music playing, it will be on play all.

Is it possible you are stuck in the Smart Menu?

When I first go in I have FM radio.  I then push the menu button and the center button multiple time and I stay on radio.  If I push the menu button while I have FM and then push the down arrow, I go off radio but don’t get any MP3 play.  I then shut the unit off and after boot up I hit the menu button and the down arrow and I can get back to FM

How do you have the Smart Menu set? Is it off or on?

Power down the unit. Power up the unit and scroll to
settings. Click settings and scroll to Smart Menu.
You want to make sure this is set to OFF. If it’s
set to On it will keep you at the menu level you
select until the unit is powered down. Let me know
if this helps.

I have no screen so I need to know how many down arrows to go to turn the menu on or off.  I know if I turn the unit on and hit menu once then the down arrow once and hit select it puts me into the FM radio.  maybe I need to give this one up and go new.

OK, if you turn the unit on and hit Menu once then hit select you will select Play Music.
If you hit select again you will selct Play All. Now where do you wnat to go from
there? :robottongue: