Sansa e140 - Broken screen but still works, need non visual instrucitons to select album play mode

Essentially if someone could give me the layout of this player would be awsum
i like the player and cant afford anything at the moment
i cant remeber the full layout of the player song/album selection system
it will play all songs from all albums at once all alphabetically

so im looking for instructions along the line of, say…

to select album mode to get at the main album tree


press menu
down down
select button
select button

much thanks

someone must have the sansa e140 and knows how to select album mode
just let me know how you would select play album mode by the buttons

there is instructions on the sansa website fo this player, Also have you reseached  trying to find a broken one? are you located in Noth America or? because i have knowage of a few dead sansa with a good screen

I have a Sansa e130 with dead screen. My vendor has checked it.  They said the screen has to be replaced whick cost about 70% of a new unit.

Anybody can help?  I’m located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Sentot AB