Sandisk drives are not opening

Hi, lately i buy a type-c to usb-a converter for my ipad pro.
First i tried a SanDisk SDDD2-128G-GAM46 USB Flash drive which first worked on both my ipad and my pc. Then it stop appearing in both of the devices.

Then i tried another flash drive ,which was also a sandisk model no= SDCZ48-016G-U46, it worked first then stop appearing like the other one. Then i thought whether this is a general problem or not and try another flash drive company’s product and it worked! i plug and unplug it several times but it didn’t change, it is still working.

WHY DON’T THESE FLASH DRIVES WORK? Can somebody help me?

Windows is notorious for reassigning drive letters to removable drives. Especially obvious if one uses multiple removable/usb drives.

With the Sandisk plugged in open Drive Manager, right click on the usb drive and assign a drive letter to the drive. I use ones toward the end of the alphabet, z y x, etc so they don’t get reassigned.