Sandisk Cruzer USB not working on Mac

I have been using a Sandisk 4GB USB stick for the past 12 months, however this past couple of weeks it has stopped working. I have tried the device in my both OS software and Windows to no avail. When I plug the USB stick in instead of going to a continual orange light, it flashes at roughly second intervals and fails to be recognised by my MacBook. I am not really fussed about continuing to use the USB stick, but I have a number of files on there I would like to recover. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem and/or could provide a solution?

Many thanks. 

Obtain a 2nd flash drive, then try the problem drive in a diiferent pc; a friend’s, a library’s, an airport or train station’s.  If it works copy your files to the 2nd flash drive.  Then try returning the problem Cruzer for a replacement.

That looks like a hardware failure to me. I hope this is still under warranty though. 

 I hope this is still under warranty

Here’s the warrantee table check it out.