Sandisk Cruzer Switch USB Autorun.INF Deleted

I accidently deleted the Autorun.inf and i was wondering if someone can upload their Autorun.inf file so i can download it


What other files are left on the Cruzer?

Quick question, will copying autorun.inf from a different USB with the same model work here too? 

Sure, IF the same apps are installed.  For example:

[AutoRun] open=LaunchU3.exe -a icon=LaunchU3.exe,0 action=Run U3 Launchpad [Definitions] Launchpad=LaunchPad.exe Vtype=2 [CopyFiles] FileNumber=1 [Update] URL=[\_installer.asp?custom=]([Comment] brand=PelicanBFG

Hello. I have the same problem - i deleted autorun.inf and now my TV doesn’t recognize this memory stick. Can please someone upload the same device autorun.inf and provide a link to download it? Thank you:)

i deleted autorun.inf and now my TV doesn’t recognize this memory stick.

TVs don’t read or recognize autorun files.  I suspect you lost the autorun.inf file by formatting the Cruzer and that is why the TV doesn’t recognize it now.

But if you really think the autorun.inf is the problem here is the one from my SanDisk drive.

[autorun] action=Get special offers from SanDisk partners open=RunClubSanDisk.exe icon=RunClubSandisk.exe

Thank you, now works fine:)

Really!!  Wow, I’m surprised, but happy to hear it worked for you.  :smiley:

Thanks for the update.


  i am using sandisk usb, i lost autorun file setup from my usb, how i will get auto run…  i was deleted my files, that time i deleted auto run file also… pls help me… if have any link please send my email