cruzer 16gb application not found

Had this thumbdrive for a couple of years, never had a problem. Plugged it into my windows 7 x64 machine, and got this error when trying to open the folder from My Computer, since the autorun didn’t actually run. “H:\ Application not found” I’ve looked around for some kind of recovery tool to no avail, all there seems to be is this U3 stuff, which I think my cruzer predates since I’ve never heard of it, it just functions like any other removable disk. Any help appreciated, I had a lot of college stuff on it, nothing I can’t do without since its backed up in several places, but there is some old code I’d like to hang on to.

got this error when trying to open the folder from My Computer,”

What’s the name of the folder?  What does the autorun.inf look like?

When you open My Computer you have a list of Drives yea? C:// D:// etc The Cruzer appears as Removable Drive F:// When trying to open it the error message appears. Where should the autorun.inf be? I searched from the start menu and found one that doesn’t seem to point to anything, whn I open the file location it said it couldn’t be found, puzzling.

The Cruzer appears as Removable Drive F://

““H:\ Application not found””

If the Cruzer is on F: what’s on H:?  What type of drive is it?

Not sure but what I’m thinking here is that it may be a PC issue. Have you trying plugging this in on a different desktop yet?

Tried it today in University computers and it worked fine. Its strange one indeed. Other USB devices work just fine in the same slots I’ve tried.

You may have a virus of some kind.  I can’t think of anything else.

If you do find the cause please let us know.