Sandisk Cruzer Force 32GB not showing up on my computer Windows 7

I recently bought a Sandisk Cruzer Force 32GB Flash Drive. I registered the USB drive to use with my Sony Bravia KDL-22EX320 and recorded a couple of programmes. It worked fine. Then I deregistered from my Sony Bravia TV so that I could use it with my HP G62 Laptop (Windows 7).

When I inserted my Flash Drive into my PC, Windows 7 automatically found and detected the drive and installed the driver, however the Flash Drive is not appearing on My Computer. The drive does appear on Disk Management but with different partitions. Please can anybody help me with this problem. I would be grateful. Many thanks

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I have the same problem and haven’t yet reached the solution.

:smiley:   Hi Sohail98,

Dear member of SanDisk Community, welcome.

I suppose, that tested the Cruzer in other PCs.

Then please, analyze the following:

1-   In the Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Event Viewer: see if there is information on this item.

2-   See also, in the Task Manager, the processes which are running, and see what are the necessary and what to delete. Because, there are some services programs, telephones and video cameras, that cause system conflicts, by interference in USB ports, such as: Samsung Kies, HTC Sync, Sony Play Memories, Motorola, etc.

3-   In the Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Computer Management / Device Management Tools: see if a USB icon is crossed out with red, or there is a yellow question mark, etc.

See, also, for a teaching with images, the links:

4-   There might be a conflict, between drive letters being used.

Luck, and then you tell us, what happened, please.

Regards, Alfred.                                                             (Google translated)

I’ve seen this issue before. You would be surprised that a simple Windows update did the trick here. I just hope it will apply to you.