Sandisk Cruzer Dial -- Windows 10 supported?

Just bought a Cruzer Dial. I plugged it in but nothing happened. 

Looked up the .pdf manual and discovered that Windows 10 is not among the OS supported by the unit.  Windows 8 is the most recent one listed.

Is the flash drive worthless?  Can I download drivers or something to make it compatible with my laptop?

After writing this post, I just tried to eject it and got a message that “Windows cannot stop the device.”  I am instructed not to remove it while its programs are still in use.  But nothing is running on the device. WTH.   I need to remove and replace it to work with another flash drive.

Thanks for any help.

The Dial TTBOMK is a USB 2.0 drive and Windows 10 should have no problem reading it. However this link may help:

Be sure the drive is plugged in all the way.  I have a drive that doesn’t work in my new laptop until I push it all the way in. It works fine in other machines.

To be safe shutdown Windows then remove the drive.  Remove it and try it in a diiferent pc.  If it still doesn’t work return it.

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Thanks so much, Ed!

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