Compatibility with Windows 8

I have reviewed the forum and I can not find any specific topics related to the situation of compatibility with Windows 8. My message applies to several different varieties of SanDisk USB 2.0 Flash Drives (in particular, the Cruzer; Cruzer Facet; Cruzer Glide). I probably purchased these products prior to Windows 8 becoming available and that would account for why there is no reference on the product’s packaging that these flash drives are compatible with Windows 8.  Will there be any problem using these products with WIndows 8?  Thanks for your response.

I have a Cruze 16GB and it was working perfectly with Win7 however now on my new ultrabook with Win8, when I first plug the drive, windows explorer opens and i can see/access my files but after a while, the the windows explorer closes and I get a message that the USB drive is not compatible with Win8 and I’m unable to access it.


I found this: SanDisk Flash Drive NOT detected by the Windows PC

Any sandisk cruzer product will give you sub-par performance on any windows/mac/linux platform. Good luck waiting hours for a copy that will take 10 minutes with a good drive.

I just bought a cruzer glide. 32 Gb Is this flash drive compatible with windows 8?

Plug it in, and let us know.  :smiley:

Should an app on the drive not be compatible with Win 8 try running it in Compatibility mode.  Vista SP2 is a good choice.