Sandisk Clip Sport 8GB no power on - blackscreen (with backlight)

I have a Sandisk Clip Sport 8GB over 2 years and was working.
Now when i try to boot it doesnt do anything.
~20 sec hold blackscreen with backlight no boot
~10 sec hold random count (8sec or 9,10) and release the button it boots (sometimes)
~battery is in good condition ~3.7V rating (4V on the probes)
spec. the pcb looks fine (traces,debris,rust)
check caps and resistors good(maybe is the IC)
downgrade firmware no permant fix

At pcb there is a TEST_MODE how i can troubleshoot this?
There is no diagram or schematics about the device. pcb 502-01.01

Any fix?

Edit V.1.43 is buggy somehow (because before was ok)
downgrade to 1.17 partially fix the problem

noticed that this happened when not playing-pause, when is playing and power off and then on it boots normally on 1.17.
1.17 and 1.43 has same behaviour except earliest boot more often…
goes dead and wakes only on reset.
*usb dont wake up the device Wall/PC
only with reset everytime, when i shutdown it wont boot, need reset again.

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Hi @d4rkmidian,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

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