Sandisk Clip Jam mp3 player dead/no boot revival (by chance)

My Sandisk Clip Jam mp3 player suddenly  at saturday evening refused  to boot up and give no sign of life either when i connect it to charger or to a pc .Not even when i tried to reset it following the procedure here

(Resetting a Clip Jam

  1. Press and hold the Power/Center Select button for approximately 20 seconds.
  2. Release the Power/Center Select button.
  3. Press the Power/Center Select button again to turn on the player.)

Absolutely nothing .

Next day -sunday- ) after i did a mini  internet  search

i tried again the same (connect to charger and feft it for an hour, power on ,connect to pc and reset it) making sure i used the sandisk authentic usb cable that came with the mp3 player .

Once again absolutely nothing.

Monday afternoon I tried a third last time (connect to charger,to pc ,tried to boot, reset procedure) with no sign of life once again, i then did contact sandisk for the rma procedure since theonly 6 months has only passed after mp3 player’s purchase and is still under guarantee.

Next day since the clip jam mp3 was still sitting next to my pc for no apparent reason i tried once again to connect to the pc but instead of connecting directly to the pc with the really short sandisk authentic usb cable directly to the usb port this time i connected it through a simple usb extension cable (USB 2.0 Type A Male to Type A Female Extension Cable ) that is often connected to one of  usb ports (for lazines reasons) .

And out of the blue the Clip Jam mp3 player went on meaning the pc saw it .

I left it for quite a while to charge . But it was nt charging .

Nevertheless you could see the mp3’s directory and things  certainly were getting better.

I tried to connect it to charger through sandisk authentic usb cable it went on but still no charging and the screen show something like “no power” after i disconnect it.

And then i tried the same but this time i added the simple usb extend cable between the first time the responce was the same “no power” , i repeated the same procedure disconnecting it and connecting it very quickly and

it started charging .

I left it to fully charge and im using it since tuesday afternoon with no further problems.

It may be just luck but who knows someone else may find it helpfull in the future.

A final last note. Around 3 months after i bought the Clip Jam mp3 player while u used it started get stuck unresponsive no button click was working although whatever u re doing for instance in you were listening to radio before it got stuck it kept doing you just could nt do anything just power off. And when you power off it dint went just off , it went off and rebooted .

After that incident repeated many times (7-8 in a couple of days) i decided to upgrade to the latest firmware to see if it will fix it too .

And indeed after installing the latest firmware( upgrade.hex file ) everything was fixed for a couple of months , the stuck came back again but with the same procedure installing the latest firmware( by putting upgrade.hex file at mp3 player main folder) fixed it again.

Well the two issues may be connected or may be not connected for my Clip Jam “sudden death” incident.

Excluding this fragile/problematic at times Clip Jam’s mp3 player behaviour i must say i was very satisfied from my Clip Jam mp3 player and its performance otherwise  .

That’s why although they seem not to last that much (this is the the 3rd Sandisk mp3 player purchase the last ~ 7-8 years )

i keep buying Sandisk mp3 players (if only they werent so sensitive/touchy they would be almost perfect at least for me/my needs).