Clip+ 8Gb Dead / Non Responsive after 3 days of moderate use!

I purchased a Clip+ as a present for the wife in an airport as I was returning from a business trip. After 3 days of moderate use it just stopped working mid song. She then attempted to plug it in to a PC to recharge it but it came up as unrecognised USB device in windows. I tried holding down the power button for 30+ seconds and then trying to power on, but that makes no difference, it is still completely dead.

I have since been searching for info on this issue and notice that it seems to be quite widespread, which is pretty unusual for what is essentially a pretty straightforward (not cheap either) piece of electronics.

I am unlikely to be passing near that particular airport again any time soon so will be unable to return it to them, anybody able to come up with a fix for this?

if soft reset is not working it will probably need to be replaced. contact sandisk tech support 866-SANDISK. FYI google searching anything will give a lot of results this however does not mean this is a wide spread problem consider the multiple millions of these products that have shipped. 

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Try holding the center button while connecting the player to the pc. keep holding the button for several seconds until the pc recognizes it. If it is recognized, then let it charge for a long time. If that doesn’t work, then try charging it with a wall charger. Many people have a wall charger with a mini USB connector. It is used for many cell phones, and some digital cameras. After it charges with a wall charger, try connecting it to the pc. If you can get it to connect to the pc, then use the pc to format the player(I assume you have copies of everything on the player on your pc). After that, disconnect the player and format it again using the player’s menu. After that, set the player’s USB mode(in the settings menu) to MSC(or MTP if you use protected music or protected audiobooks).

If these steps don’t work, you could call Sandisk support. They might ask you to try other things, and if those don’t work, to send the player to them for replacement.