SanDisk 8GB microSDHC format error : reads now as 3.6GB card

 SanDisk 8GB microSDHC format error : reads now as 3.6GB card ::

I bought a brand new SanDisk 8GB microSDHC card from Staples this weekend , to upgrade a SanDisk 2 GB microSD card that is already in my Black Berry Peril 8100 cell phone.

When we first installed the 8gb card into the phone, the phone reconized it as a 7.6 gig memory card.
BUT when we hooked the phone up to the computer with a USB cord, the computer kept saying "Would you like to format the disk ‘’?

We looked around on the phone for some options (Options, Advance Options, Media Card ) and found the phone ‘initilize media card option’. We selected that.

 And sure as sh**…the phone reformated the 8gig card to now show  3.6 gig. card.

My computer is Windows XP with service pack 3. AMD Althon Dual core 4800+ , 3 gigs of ram. Very newer motherboard.

So…whats up with the 8 gig card being seen only as 3.6 ?

it sounds like the card reader you used to connect the card to your coputer is only compatible up to 4GB cards. you will need to find a reader that is compatible with 8GB cards and reformat the card using the HP disk storage format tool. you can also try formatting the card on your phone as that may format the card as the coirrect size. you may also want to post this in the other sandisk forum

I am having a similar problem with the same type of memory card. Except when I insert my card into my phone it doesn’t read the card. It shows no device available. So I downloaded the disk storage format tool you advised him and it would not format the card. Am I missing the drivers for the card? If so, where can I go to get them?

Could it also be your phone?  Some phones have an option to use the USB as a internet device (which then I think won’t read the card) sync by data or sync by music.  Mine has 2 usb options.   I have one USB Mass Storage, which then reads the card and I can use it on My computer or Explore.  I then have USB auto Detection, which then syncs which then can be used to sync music on it or sync data for internet connection (like a modem).

Also can you format the card from the computer or phone?  You may need to check the instruction book or website for that information if you’re not sure. 

And like said above, does your phone support an 8gb card?  If not it will only show an 8gb card and the card may not work. 

neilbob, Also is the card a SanDisk or other card?  Is it from Amazon or ebay?  Amazon is more reliable.  If it’s from somewhere you may want to return it and get a new one.

I’m having the same problem.  I just formatted mine and now it reads as a 3.7 gig.

I noticed that the little red animation doesn’t happen anymore either.  It recognizes the card, but it might have something to do with those start up files or something.  Does anybody have one of these, that hasnt had everything erased that can post the drivers?..or, whatever those things were lol.


When formatting a flash memory, whether it be a player’s internal memory or an external memory card, if the capacity is 4GB or larger, make sure to format the file system as FAT32, not FAT (that’s for 2 GB & less). And if using Windows or any other formatting software that offers it, don’t use the ‘Quick Format’ option.

I have a similar problem but mine either reads as 3.6GB or 1.4TB on an 8GB card. have a format utility and cards over 4gb don’t just use FAT32 they use exFAT.

Does this Knowledgebase Article applies to the OP issue?

My 8gb micor sdhc card reads 30.6 and will not allow me to re-format.  The re-format error is write-protected.



Please check the lock on the card to see if it is locked or not. You can also try to format the card on another device to check it. Please make sure that the reader is compatible with the SDHC cards also.


@billiehensley1 wrote:


How do you format your 8GB Sandisk _ what _?

MP3 player? What model?

Memory card?

USB drive?

I have a red error,.  I just formatted mine and now it reads as a 3.7 gig.

I’m having a similar problem (8GB card reading as 1.75GB) and tried the suggested fix, but the SD Formatter software only offered a reformat to 1.75GB?   Any suggestions to get the tool to format as 8GB?  Thanks.

I have a  SanDisk 4GB microSDHC, and everytime I try use it with my computer it says" The disk is write- protected. Remove the write-protect or use another disk." What should I do? I’m trying to put music, and picture from my computer on it. I have gotten the disk for my Blackberry Curve 8310 and I had formatted it. Did I suppose to format it or not? This is giving me a headache. lol. Someone please help! :slight_smile: