SanDisk 8gb microsd card not recognized

I tried searching the site, and didn’t see any obvious answers to this one.

I’m new here, so be gentle please.

I just purchased a new SanDisk 8gb MicroSD card with a microSDHC adapter.

I have had a number of smaller storage microsd cards, and have a number of these adapters.

When I plug the card into my WINXP pc, or any pc with a reader slot, it does not recognize the card as a storage device.

My phone sees it, my PC does not.

What am I missing?

Other smaller cards work fine, so it is not the port or adapter, something is not quite right on the card, is this some kind of format issue?


Search a little harder . . . others have indeed encountered this. It usually stems from the fact that your computer predates the SDHC format (4GB & above) cards and needs a Windows update to recognize it. Otherwise, all it will see are cards in the SD format (2GB & under).

Instance #1

Instance #2


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As long as you’re new here, let me give you another little tip . . . you posted this question in the Announcements board, intended for use by the Admins or SanDisk to make anouncements to the entire membership of the forum. Your post is, shall we say, slightly ‘off-topic’. In the future, you may want to consider ‘where’ the most appropriate place is to post a question, dependant on the subject matter.

There are boards dedicated to all the specific Sansa mp3 players, plus a few others. By posting in the correct board, you’ll insure that people who are in the position of knowing about or helping you with your problem or question actually see it, and you’re more likely to get faster and more knowledgable answers. Plus it helps anyone else with a similar situation in the future find the answer more quickly if it is in the right place.

This particular question would probably be well suited to the Sansa Accessories board, or maybe one of the player boards, if you’re using the card in one.

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