sandisk micro sd hc1 wont recognize


i have sandisk micro sd hc1 16gb class 10 card for abbout 4 month.

today i connect it to my PC via external USB card reader and move some pictures to a folder on my PC and everything went OK.

after that i changed to another directory on the SD card, and i see that the file names become “gibberish” (all kind of signs like #$%@…) so i disconnect the SD card and try again.

now i have a massage from WIN 7 that say “you need to format the disk in drive I: before you can use it”, (‘I’ is my removable card). i did try to put it in my phone again and it wont recognize any more, i did try in win 8 mini PC that have internal card reader and get the same massage that say “you need to format the disk…”, i also try another phone and it is still not recognize.

my WIN 7 and WIN 8 PC’s can see the card but only as a blank card.

Please help me to get my data and pictures back.

Thank you.