SanDisk 8GB Cruzer


  I am unable to copy 1 HD 720 movie size 4.4 gb on  my sandisk pd 

 Inspite of having 8gb and  Formating again and again its still showing size in the destination file is full

 And after pressing “retry” option i am getting cannot copy…There is not enough free disk space.

         pls address me  the solution.

FAT32 can not handle files larger than 4.0GB.  You need to format as NTFS.

Hello brother,

                          as per my opinion you contain viruses inside your pendrive.some of the virus automatically changes the status of your some existing files into system files & thus they are not shown to users system file is hidden and protected.

                           try this:-

                            got control pannel>user accounts>

                             cilck option “view” into main upper pannel.

                              select " show hidden files" from option menu .then

                               unchek the box of "hide system operated files(recomended) option.

                             after doing both things click O.K.

                                 now open your pendrive

                                  you will see many files which were not previously visible to you.

                                  now try to delete these files.


That has no bearing on the OP’s problem.  He has space he just can’t save files larger than 4.0GB due to a FAT32 limitation.