cruzer glide 32gig wont complete transfers

I just purchased this drive sunday,  I have a few files ranging in 10-20 gigs.  none of them will completely transfer.  they get about 2/3 done then i get an error stating the destination you have specified does not exist, it might be an offline ntwork or an empty cd/dvd drive check the drive and try again…  very frustrating as this is brand new and really wanna watch some HD movies on my new tv.  any solution for this or do i have a faulty flash drive?  I tried a file that was almost 1 gig and it worked fine.   

Are the files you’re having problems with 4GB or over in size? That is a FAT32 limitation. It has nothing to do with SanDisk or their products. All flash drives are formatted as FAT32.

The only way to transfer a file to the drive that is larger than 4GB is to re-format the drive as NTFS. And you’ll have to download and use 3rd-party software to do it.

I did format to NTFS and it would let me transfer but give me that error at about 3/4 progress.  what is this 3rd party software and what does it do?

problem solved.  returned my sandisk for a PNY 32 gig and worked perfectly.  sandisk FTL.