Cruzer Glide usb 32g

Bought brand new today. Tried to put a movie on it. Error. drive is full. erased everything on it. Tried again. Stilk says drive is full. I just want to use the dang thing. Where do we go to next?

How big is the movie?

Possibly a defective one. I have seen any movie that’s more than 32GB. Have you tried to reformat it yet? Try both FAT32 and NTFS.

The drive comes from the factory formated to FAT32 and the file size limit of FAT32 is 4GB.  If the movie is greater than 4GB then you need to reformat the drive to NTFS. 

Be sure to backup all files on the drive before formating it and restore them after the format.

Formating other than to handle files larger than 4GB is a waste of time.