SanDisk 32gb Cruzer Blade 'Transfer Problems'

I’ve just got my new 32gb Cruzer Blade, put it in my pc: first thing I tried to do was to drag and drop a 7.62gb MKV movie file on to stick and it comes up with the message ‘file too large for the destination folder’???

What am I missing?

If the stick has a 32gb capacity surely it can hold a 7.62gb file. What am I doing wrong, please someone help me… 

USB devices are formated as FAT which is accessible by all operating systems.  The FAT format has however a 4GB file limitation. You have 2 options: 1. break your files into pieces 4GB or less, or 2. backup the files currently on the Blade, reformat it to NTFS, restore the backed up files, write files larger than 4GB to the device.


THANKS SO MUCH ED P!! Dunno what I’d do without tech wizards such as yourself!

Just one question: The reason I’m puttin this MKV on my stick is so i can then play it through my new smart TV, if i go ahead and format the device to NTFS will the TV recognise the file as before?

This depends on the model you your TV. 95% of the new ones support both Fat32 and NTFS. It should play. 

Thank U Soo Much Was In  A big Problem My SanDisk Cruzer Blade 16Gb Was Showing Some Transfer Error          But Now I Have Formatted It In NTFS   And ITs Working FIne THank U <3