SanDisk 32GB Cruzer Force USB Flash Drive too tight for USB ports

Hi, I have just purchased a SanDisk 32GB Cruzer Force USB Flash Drive, however it appears to small/tight for the USB ports on my PC, Laptop and OTG cable. Presumably it could be forced in, but I do not want to damage either the port or drive and removing it may then be a problem.

Has anyone else had this issue and how did you resolve it?


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:smiley: Hello!

But, it’s no problem.
It is the “Last Word” on Sandisk Pendrives Design.
A Remarkable Achievement. Wonderful!

Regards, Alfred.

USB ports are standard. This means that the USB devices and ports have an equal dimension. I could only guess that you PC is new. Don’t worry about it. 


Same issue here, nothing to do with a ‘‘new’’ computer as this is the only usb device I have that has this issue, and yes, it is something to worry about.

This will be going back to the shop.

If this is ‘‘the last word’’ in scandisks usb drives and they cant even make it fit a usb socket I’d hate to see their ‘‘first word’’ in usb devices.

A ‘‘Remarkable Achievement’’ would be to make something that works, it would seem.

In fact, try taking a moment to use Google.

Its not just the odd one off occasion , its a design flaw.

Where did you buy it?

I just finished a call to SanDisk on a 64GB USB 3.0 Extreme drive about my USB won’t fit in my computers. The technician said she had never heard of this issue and yet I find a recent posting here. 

I first tried to plug the USB drive into my OLD desktop that has been around for years and it was tight. The device went in about 1/8th of an inch. Understanding I have a new USB, I pushed a bit harder and Windows Explorer came up with the folder available. The USB did NOT fully go in all the way. I would say it went in about 3/8 inch.

Furthermore, I took the same USB drive and plugged it into my laptop, 9 months old, and same issue. I had to push far enough to get the drive to be recognized by the OS. Finally the folder came up for me to transfer data.

When removing the USB from my laptop, the internal USB plug came out with the USB drive. WTF!  I now have to send my laptop in for repair.

Taking my digital calipers out, setting to millimeters then imperial, I measured and compared to another USB drive that fits perfectly. One of the dimensions was off. Measuring the inside blue corners. The good drive measured 2.07mm / .0810in on each corner. The SanDisk, left side 2.23mm / .0885in and right side 2.56mm / .01000in. Looking with a magnifying glass on the right inside I can see an excessive amount of blue material further in the plug that I could not measure. So obviously, this drive is too tight.

Very much something to worry about if you don’t want to pull the inside plug out of your laptop. :frowning:

:smiley:   Hi Stanomatic,

Dear member of SanDisk Community, welcome.

_Friend, we appreciate your technical information on this subject, and your message as concise, intelligent and respectful. _

Sorry, by the affliction that you have by this problem, that prevents you enjoy of this wonderful cutting-edge technology.

_We recommend, please, if you can convey your message, to the Technical Service SanDisk, because they are the only ones who have the ability to solve this problem. _

Please back up your data, and contact _ SanDisk Technical Support _ who will replace the device, _ if it’s authentic and is within warranty._



Regards, Alfred.                                                              (Google translated)

The good drive measured 2.07mm / .0810in on each corner. The SanDisk, left side 2.23mm / .0885in and right side 2.56mm / .01000in.

Sounds like a counterfeit.  Where did you buy it?

Well, What do you expect? Sandisk is known to make faulty pendrives. My 16 GB pendrive was a gift from a collegue. What I did, and I wouldn’t really recommend it, was heat the top part a little and used a scalpel to stretch it a little upward from the sides. I would have resided to breaking the top half if it hadn’t worked for me. Everything’s better than getting my expensive pc’s usb port bonged up from the product of an industry that doesn’t know how to do **bleep**.

SanDisk Cruzer IS too tight a fit for USB Ports.

The SanDisk Cruzer HAS damaged many Tower, Desktop, & Laptop Computers,

24 Law Firms in 18 USA States are FINALLY preparing a 231 Million++ (U.S.$) Class Action Suit (perhaps - even via the Hague, Netherlands).

(It is definitely NOT a Kingston Traveler).

Counterfeits are not made to the same standards.