SanDisk (1G)

I have a SanDisk 1G and the last time I had a relative download some songs for me.  Since I have gotten it back I cannot download songs on it and in the middle of the music the song will stop and say,  “synchronize to continue your music subscription”  How do I get that off of their??

They used a subscription service to get you the songs.  You need to get them to sync it with whatever service they use. 

Is their another way that I could just do it myself?(i’d feel better doing it myself)

Yes.  You could pay for your songs yourself by getting your own subscription and downloading them again, then syncing them to your clip.

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Talked to my relative and she said she doesn’t subscribe to those sites, she gets the free download sites.  A few were downloaded WMA is what the files say and she said to reformat it all?