SANDisk 16gb USB drive Write protected


My usb drive is stuck in write protected mode after one use (used it to install wins 7 using microsoft tool). 

I tried “repairing”, chkdsk, registry mod, ALcor, format,   HP usb tool, gparted, all within XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Ubuntu. 

Theres no way to use this drive. 

I called msoft for support on repairing but they told me this is a known issue on sandisk and to contact them? 

Model Sandisk ultra 16gb

any ideas? 

SanDisk drives all have warrantees, return it.  There is no known fix to the situation.  If purchased locally I’d return it to the store 1st, it’s faster.  To return it to SanDisk follow the steps in this link:

99%, this is a hardware failure. Sorry to see you have to go through this. I just hope that this is still under warranty.