SanDisck Dashboard Bootable Image

When will you be providing a bootable image for upgrading the firmware?  I am currently not using windows (linux) with my drive and do not want to tear my machine apart to make sure my drive is running at peak performance and without and dangerous firmware.

Also, will the Dashboard be able to update the drive as a USB hard drive, in the case I decide to rip it out of my linux box?  I certainly won’t be installing windows on the disk, just for a firmware update.



what ssd do you have? if a FW update is available for the ssd an ISO will be stickied at the top of the ssd board. you can download that burn it to a disk or USB and use that to update the FW of the SSD. 

the dashboard can update an SSD that is connected via USB so if you take the drive out and connect it to a windows machine with the dashboard installed you should be able to update that way as well. 


It didn’t come with a disk and I’d prefer not to pull my machine apart to attach the drive to a windows machine to upgrade the firmware everytime they find bugs in their firmware.  Hence the question.  I found the download just fine and it’s their windows dashboard type program.  I guess if they’re not the kind of company that cares about their non windows users, I’ll have to be a better informed shopper.  :P  And with the new privacy concerns that windows is baking into it’s OS’s I’m now experimenting moving my PCs to Linux.  I know I’ve updated the firmware with at least one of my other SSDs with a linux type live cd before, provided by the manufacturer.  I want to say it was samsung, I could be wrong.  It may have been crucial.

Thanks for the info.

I am not sure you understood my post. The SSD does not come with any disk. If a FW is released an ISO will be posted and stickied at the top of the specific SSD board. This ISO can be burned to a CD or a USB drive to update non windows installs.

The SSD you have has not had any FW updates released so what it shipped with is the latest FW available. 

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Oh my goodness, Thanks!  I completely misunderstood.  I think my initial confusion comes from the glossy product page.  It steers a person to the dashboard software that does some extra stuff and updates firmware, leading me to immmediately think that is the only was to get firmware.  I’m used to the more standard support link on the product page that lists the software and updates download section for the specific hardware and stating there is or is not a FW update in that space.

Again, thanks for all of your help and I apologize for my confusion.

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I’m not seeing a board for my SSD?


IS it just the SanDisk SSD?  I’m seeing plus posts in there.


Hi princealexi,

Welcome to the SanDisk Forums. I added a board for the SSD Plus and am moving your post. If a FW update is released for your SSD we will post manual update instructions in this board for non Windows users. If you would like to see examples of manual FW update posts feel free to check out some of the other SSD boards. If you have any other questions let us know and we will be happy to help out. 

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