NEWBIE request - SSD firmware update help


New member who is looking for some guidance on where to start with keeping Sandisk ssd firmware up to date.

I am using an SSD on an acer AOD270 netbook. So, small screen, no CD drive etc. I could not, fo r the life of me, get my Win7 starter  HDD cloned on to the SSD and have it boot reliably.

I took the plunge, installed the SSD, installed Linux Mint with all the defaults, made a couple of tweaks and checks for noatime and trim and I’m very pleased with what I have.

I would now like to keep the SSD firmware up to date. I have searched these forums and one or two other places, but I’m still a bit lost. Is there a kind soul who can point me to the right place to get started or to a thread where this issue has already been resolved?

I’d be very grateful. Thanks in advance.

The SanDisk SSD dashboard will notify you when FW updates are available but it is for Windows only. Since you are on Linux you can keep a watch on this board. If a FW update is released it will be posted and stickied at the top of this board. They will post a link to the ISO for the FW. You can burn that to a CD or create a bootable USB drive out of it. See below a FW update post for the Extreme Pro SSD for an example. Currently there are no FW updates available for the Ultra II SSD.  

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Very many thanks for your prompt reply and for exactly the information I was hoping for. Much appreciated.

I shall keep a watch out for any updates.