SSD install help on new build

Hi folks,

I’m in the process of building a new PC and have purchased two 240GB Sandisk Extreme SSD’s.

My question is, can you check/upgrade new firmware before installing Win 7 OS? I’m unsure if the SSD’s from the retailer came with recent firmware update. I’ve been reading that I need to run the SSD Toolkit in order to create a USB boot for firmware update through the toolkit app in while in windows.  I’m planning a to use these SSD’s in RAID0, so would like to make sure all is setup before I load the OS.

Many thanks for your help

there is a post at the top of this board with the FW ISO. All you need to do is burn them as an image to a CD and you can update the FW before installing the OS. the FW version it is shipped with should be listed on the drive lable. 

Awesome! Totally missed the ISO, will get on to it.