Rhapsody not detecting Fuze on Linux

Hi all!!!

Recently I have installed Rhapsody on Linux through Wine for transferring videos to Fuze. But the problem is that the Rhapsody is not detecting Fuze as a sync device. I don’t know the problem as though Rhapsody is working fine and Fuze is also connected in MTP mode. If anybody know the answer then pls let me know.


One another thing to add:

I’m using OpenSuse distro with updates till yesterday.

I serously doubt WINE can handle MTP, as last I heard MTP support is a part of DirectX in Windows. If that’s the case, you can rest assured that it’s at the bottom of the list of stuff that the WINE devs care about. You could give Cedega a shot, but it only deals with the graphics elements of DirectX.

I’m actually impressed that it even runs, it’s like patching together a lawnmower engine using a truck engine for parts and using duct tape to hold it all together…

Have you tried it out with Amarok or Rhythmbox?