Fuze+ on Linux: Banshee/Rhythmbox


   Has anybody been able to get Banshee or Rhythmbox working with their Fuze+ in Linux? I cannot get either to recognize it when mine 16G Fuze+ is mounted.  I have no problem accessing Fuze+ directories directly, but I would rather not have to manage my Fuze+ this way.

I have tried:

-creating the .is_audio_player file in the Fuze+'s root directory

-Both MSC and MTP modes, enabling and disabling the corresponding plugins on Banshee and Rhythmbox

-Adding Fuze+ to HAL FDI configuration

-Adding a reference to the Fuze+ to libmtp and recompiling so that mtp-detect can detect the Fuze+ when it is in MTP mode

I am running Ubuntu 10.10, 2.6.35-22-generic-pae kernel (i686)

I just picked one up tonight after trading in my old fuze and learning that they had discontinued that model (oh how fond of it I was!). When mine is done charging, I’ll boot up in linux and see what happens.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I had to find my power cord for my laptop =)

Anyhoo, strangely enough, Rhythmbox doesn’t aknowledge my Fuze+ either. I think it still aknowledges my old clip v1 though. It shows up as “Unknown Device” then if I try to interact with it, the application halts

I have a small suggestion though, Media Monkey. It’s for windows and works semi-well in wine. If you map a drive letter for your Fuze+ in wine config, you can use that to manage your media. Hell, it will even auto arrange your music in linux if you so choose it too.

If you do have any luck with Rhythmbox, let me know.


if you want to get fuse+ to be recognize by banshee/rhythmbox you have to add an empty file “.is_audio_player” in your device root:

see http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/is_audio_player for more infos

it did works for me (debian squeeze/gnome 2.30.2)

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Unfortunately I already had an .is_audio_player file setup for the player this entire time.  I’m still trying to investivate this problem, but if somebody else finds a solution I would be thrilled to hear what it is.