New Fuze Owner, very confused about rhapsody and media converter

Hello everyone! I also got a fuze for Christmas, and I am terribly confused.  I am using rhapsody and I already havea lot of my music in there, and when I drag files to my fuze, it randomly selects to transfer only some of the files. And then I noticed when I opened My Computer and removable disk E, that the songs did not go in the Music folder, they were just there.

I download the media converter just fine, but I put an mp4 video into it, and the convert button isn’t even available.  I read around the boards abit, and it seemed that you need quicktime 7, which you need windows XP or vista for.  If I don’t have that, does that mean I can not put videos onto my fuze?

Thank you all, and Merry Christmas! 

is the device authorized if not authorize it and it should work


Both of your problems are rooted in one source:  You need to be in MTP mode to transfer from Rhapsody, and authorize the device.

You can use MSC mode with Rhapsody if you purchase the music in MP3 format.  For the subscription "Rhapsody To Go tracks, select MTP mode.

On teh Device, Settings > System Settings > USB Mode > MTP.

If MTP mode is not working (The Sansa MUST ID in the sources pane of the Rhapsody client WITHOUT a drive letter, in caps and smalls).

MTP mode is integrated into Windows Media Player 10 and 11.  This must be installed on your PC for MTP.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thank you both, I have it in MTP mode because I read that here.  Some of m files go to my fuze, but some of them (from the same album that the transfer worked) just won’t.

How do you authorize your device? Rhapsody won’t let me create an account because I don’t have Windows XP.  Windows Media Player 10 and 11 also both require XP, so cannot I not do anything with this?

What do you use to download music?

I don’t download music, all of my music is imported from CDs

Try to put the music in a specific folder if possible, then open up my computer > Sansa Fuze > Music and drag the files into there.

Does it matter if it just says Removable disk E or Sansa?

Click the removable drive that appears in ‘My Computer.’ You’ll see what it is afterwards and if it’s the Fuze then it’s safe to drag music into the music folder…

So I dragged my music in and about half of it transfered to the fuze.  All of the songs are listed in the music folder on my computer, but they are not all on my fuze.

I too am confused - and frustrated :frowning:

This post has been helpful but maybe someone can help answer the following.

What is required to get a CD (.CDA) file onto the Fuze?

It doesn’t appear the SanDisk converter software will do this - the software is only for video. In addition, the SanDisk converter software only runs on XP :frowning: So, should I be running XP to make life simpler?

Unless I have MP3 fille then I’m out of luck. Rhapsody and Amazon provide MP3 format. What if I have files from iTunes - another conversion problem?

Is this the lawyers causing all this pain?

Merry Christmas!

 “What is required to get a CD (.CDA) file onto the Fuze?”

What if I have files from iTunes - another conversion problem?