Rhapsody "artist commentary info" feature disappears if Rhapsody Channels are not on Clip.

So far the Sansa Clip is the best MP3 player available for my needs.  It may be the smallest music player with Rhapsody Channels support.

A few observations about the Clip’s Rhapsody implementation: 

1.  (Good) “Rhapsody Channels” choice is present on main menu only when Channels are actually added to Clip (nice!)

2.  (Minor Bug?) Rhapsody Artist information is only accessable when Channels are added to Clip.

Here’s how – pressing the center button during play makes the display cycle through:

1. main song info

2. realtime frequency response display

  1. Rhapsody artist commentary info  (only shown if a Rhapsody Channel is on the Clip)

In the process of updating firmware I removed the Channels I had on the player and noticed the artist commentary info disappeared when listening to regular Rhapsody tracks.  Adding a Channel back to the player caused the artist commentary info to return.  I’m pretty sure the artist commentary info is independent of Rhapsody Channels, yes?

I tried doing this on my 1gb clip with the .20a firmware, and the artist info on all of my rhapsody music is still there. What version of the firmware are you running?

Sometimes event though Rhapsody says it has completed the transfer of tracks to the device,  the artist text  (and Album art for other players)  continues to transfer.  Check the status on the Sansa Clip.  After the clip stops  “Writing”  the artist text transfer is done.  You will see it switch to “Connected”.

If you disconnect the device while the writing is still going on,  the text wont be transfered.

Hi, I first noticed this issue after loading the latest firmware (.20A).

Thanks for the info on the text transfer with Rhapsody.  Next time I do a transfer with Rhapsody I’ll remove the channels and try transferring some new songs to see if the text shows.