RhapsodyChannel- can´t switch it off


I had different problems with my SansaClip 8GB. So I called the supportline in Germany this morning, because my clip always said “zu wenig Platz für Musik-DB bitte 30MB bereitstellen” translated “not enough space, please free 30MB” (more or less;). The women couldn´t really help me, and promised to send an e-mail with the important information… The problem is, that I can´t really delate songs from it. Normally it went off after this information, but with this “locked” button in place and pushing an other button, it stays on. So I tried to delete some songs (a lot of!) but it stayed all the same. I also tried to delete with the media player on my computer, but it also alsways says 7,6GB. Normally the folders shown on the laptop are even empty, altough the clip is full…

That was the first problem, because of which I phones the support for help.

Now my new problem. I switched the clip on again (with the “trick” described above) and there was one more option in the menu- “Rhapsody Channes”. I had never had this option before and pushed the button to the right. Nothing happened, except- the sansaclip doesn´t do anything, now. It stayed in position, telling “Rhapsody Channel” I couldn´t even switch it off! At the moment it is still switches on but the display is black, the rest is glowing blue.

Does anyone know what to do, or what is the problem?

I would like to- at least- switch it off!

Oh one more thing- after this problem that I couldn´t switch in on normally and I couldn´t delete things and I couldn´t listen to any music, thre was always a circle in the display. I don´t know what it is for…

Hope someone can help! Thanks.

(And I also hope you can understand my poor English;-) 

I could switch it off now. But there´s still the problem that I can´t hear any music, and the player always says please give me 30MB. But how? I can´t remove anything- or, well, I can remove something but after this there doesn´t seem to be more space on the player.

i would format the payer and reload my music. open up windows explorer right click the clip and select format. this will erase everything. firmware update probably would not hurt as well there are instructions at the top of this board with download thinks. 

Thanks! I hoped there would be a way without deleting everything, but now I just wanted to use it again. I also don´t understand why it worked the one moment and the other moment it didn´t. Next time I will just stop after loading 7.5GB on the player… But it worked, so thanks for your help.