Rhapsody To Go experience?

Hey folks;

I’ve been eyeballin’ Rhapsody To Go and Rhapsody Channels as something I might want to try out.  I was wondering if people could give me any feedback as to what the experience is like with the various Sansa players (I picked the Sansa Fuze forum just cause, heck, it’s at the top and getting a lot of activity).

I’m assuming that different Sansa players give a different Rhapsody experience based on their interface capabilities, right?  For example, the Sansa Clip does Rhapsody but has a simple UI, so it can’t display the same graphics, may not be able to display as much textual info (artist info etc.), etc. 

Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks …

Sansa Clip in fact does everything except Album art.  It displays the Artist info,  you can rate songs and add to library from the player.  It syncs the info very well with Rhapsody.

Rhapsody Channel usage is tracked and Channels are refreshed automatically when the player is reconnected to the Client.

Hope this helps.