Rhapsody and memory cards

  1. Can I put the Rhapsody subscription songs on a memory card for the Fuze? Or do the subscription songs only play if I put them on the Fuze hardrive?

  2. Can I put Rhapsody channels on memory cards too, or only the hardrive?

With the µSD card mounted, and the Fuze connected, you will see Internal and External memory in the Sources pane on the left.  Simply drag and drop your desired tracks to the card, just like the internal memory.

It would be nice, but the Rhapsody Channels as currently implemented are a “hidden playlist” stored in the internal memory of the Sansa.  You can select individual tracks using the Add Song To Library function, allowing you to keep any tracks you like for instant access.  You can also program the center button to “add songs to library” if you press and hold the button.

Rhapsody Channels cannot be stored on the card.