Micro SD cards and Rhapsody

I apologize if this has been asked and answered. I have looked for this all olver the net and have seen different answers.  I am looking for an MP3 player for my wife, but she needs a LOT of storage.  I really think she would like the sansa, but I know she needs more than 8 gb space.  Can you use the micro sd card with Rhapsody-to-go subscription files?


With the sansa fuze, yes.  You will be able to transfer subscription tracks to the card.

However, the songs will only work with the player you sync it with… e.g. if you have two sansa fuze and you sync the songs to the card using the fuze1, the songs on the card will not play when you use the card on fuze2.

I beg to differ: it seems that the expansion cards do not accept Rhapsody To Go tracks. The expansion chips are not recognized by the Rhapsody software as an Authorized Device. Or, has anyone experienced this differently? Is there a way around this? It is driving me Crazy!

With the Rhapsody 4 client open, the Sansa Fuze will list both the Internal Memory, and External Memory below that: this is the expansion card.  From the Music Guide or your library, To Go transfers can be made to the card, as long as the Sansa itself is authorized.

Because of the design of the DRM system, these files will only play on the authorized Sansa (the media is not transferrable between devices).