Moving music from Rhapsody to Sandisk micro storage

Is there any way to put Rhapsody music to go directly on to the removeable extra Sandisk micro storage for my Sansa Fuze player without having to load it in the Player first.  One reason I bought the Sansa fuze was that it had the extra capacity for storage via the Sandisk micro storage disks. What I want to do is put different Genres of music on separate storage disks so I can just change the disk when i want to listen to something different (country-show tunes- christian music etc) without disturbing the primary music I regularly listen to.
If I can’t put the music directly on the storage disk without plugging player into the computer, then how do I control what music goes onto the removeable storage and which music stays undisturbed in the regular Player memory. 
I have job where i have no internet access to a computer for 4-6 weeks at a time when I am out at sea (unless i want to pay about $10 for 20 minutes of time) so it will not be easy to change my music mix without using the storage disc system and i don’t want to spend all of my shore time downloading or changing out my music.

My dad is willing to download the music I want from Rhapsody but does he have to have a player or can he put them direct onto the storage disks. If he has to have a Sansa Fuze to do this does he have to have the exact same player as me.

I have bought two micro disks and have not used them yet so i don’t know how easy/difficult it is to transfer specific music from regular internal memory to the removeable.  I hope you understand what I am asking.
Thank you

You know, it would be so very cool to be able to plop a µSD card into an envelope and zip it off to the old APO address, huh?  I remember when my brother was off for WESTPAC, on a nuclear guided missile cruiser.

There are several issues that are in our way.  First, media rights and lawyers.  Rhapsody can only serve the United States, and would need special rights for sending content abroad.  In fact, military subscribers deployed worlwide have run into the draconian cutoff of the servers from non-US ISPs, thanks to legal challenges this year.  Nice.

What can they do?  Who understands the web of legal territories for media.

The other problem is the media transfer of subscription tracks to the secure digital µSD (HC) card.  SanDisk made a cool device there, I’ve experimented with the content rights / licensing mechanism.  The license for tracks transferred on one Sansa migrate to the card.  Remove the card, and do the same with a separate account and Sansa, and the second license is transferred.

Now, swap the card, and the tracks for each respective licensed device only play on the correct device!  The problem?  The secure wma transfer can only be done with the Fuze plugged in; using a card reader, the card cannot be loaded with secure content for the Fuze.  That’s the way secure wma has been implemented.  The UID (unique ID) is stored in the processor of the device.

Using the Rhapsody 4 client, you can load the external memory µSD card by dragging and dropping the desired files directly to the card, keeping it separate from the internal memory.  The license is good for 30 days.  This license can be refreshed at will, in minutes, by connecting to Rhapsody.

Refreshing those licenses when abroad we run into two issues: the server / ISP issue, and Windows Media DRM.  The relicensing must be done on the same computer that made the original transfer, as the license is based upon the authorized computer that made the initial transfer, essentially marrying the host PC with the portable device.

Remember the Rhapsody Sansa e200?  This unit used a unique license, the Real / Rhapsody Helix DRM system.  I like this design: using the RAX format, the license is on the authorized device.  With this simpler key, if the device is licensed, the RAX files will play.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: