moving songs to microSD card

Can I transfer the songs on my MP3 player to a microSD card directly? Do I have to transfer everything to the computer then load to the card? The earphone jack on my Sansa Fuze is damaged and it will not play through the earphones. I want to put the music on a new MP3 player, but do not want to have to download everything individually again. Any ideas?

No, you can’t move songs around from player memory to microSD in the Fuze.

But depending on how you put them on the Fuze, you should be able to simply copy them onto your computer (or a hard drive) and then onto another player.

Go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and choose MSC. Connect and look for your files in the Sansa Fuze driveletter; you can use the Search function if you know a filename. 

If you can’t find them, disconnect, switch to MTP, try again. Your computer only sees one mode at a time, so where they are will depend on how they were transferred to the Fuze.

Grab them, copy them onto a drive, dump them on your next player.

This should work unless you are unlucky enough to have gotten your music from a subscription service like Rhapsody or Spotify. Those services put nasty evil codes in the files that only allow them to play on one  player. Copies of those files won’t play on a new mp3 player. You’d have to download those again, or transfer them from your computer through the subscription player. 

Might I suggest that when you download music again you keep another copy besides the one on the player. That way if there are any problems you don’t lose the music.

And, even better, get all your music as .mp3.  (Amazon and eMusic sell them that way.) No copy-protection problems with mp3 files.