New microsd card in full Fuze - files won't transfer from internal to external memory?

I have a 4Gb fuze, and just bought a 16BG sandisk microSD. My main unit was almost completely full prior to putting in the card. I put it in, then I hooked up the fuze to the computer. I have a rhapsody to go account to manage my music. It kept trying to transfer files from my internal memory to the external memory (the microsd) but would get stuck after the second file, and just not do anything.

Now that I have a large “external” memory, is it better to keep most of my music, playlists, and photos on it, rather than the main unit? If not, why is rhapsody trying to automatically move my files from one to the other? Other than putting the card into my fuze, is their anything else I need to do?

Sorry, i tried searching for basic information about using a microsd card in an already functioning fuze, but spent an hour, and kept finding other very specific issues, not related to my problem. I will also try looking for a rhapsody forum, to see if this is a rhapsody problem.


I don’t use Rhapsody, so first see if you can find something out from Rhapsody or its forums.

But in the meantime, see if you can go into Rhapsody’s Settings or Options to turn off Automatic or Synching or Auto-Synching or whatever Rhapsody calls it. Make it so that you control what gets moved and when.

For the Fuze in general, it doesn’t matter where the music is–internal memory or card. The problem with Rhapsody To Go is that it adds DRM (Digital Rights Muck) to the files–extra hidden licensing files that have to be sent through Rhapsody and used to unlock the files when they are played back. These usually work better in the internal memory, because Rhapsody doesn’t want you giving your microSD card to someone else to play–that would be EVIL MUSIC PIRACY and the entire music business would collapse on the spot.

Are all your files from Rhapsody to Go? Or are some of them ripped from your own CDs? If you have files that you didn’t get via Rhapsody–regular .mp3 files without DRM–I’d suggest moving those onto the card to free up space in the internal memory. Then let Rhapsody use the space in the internal memory without overflowing onto the card.