Ending Up With Duplicate Tracks on My Memory Cards

Haven’t read about these problems here or been able to Google them, so I’m posting. If someone knows where this thread already exists, please be kind enough to reply with a link.

Problem #1: I’m using a 4GB Sansa Fuze with an 8GB external memory card, and Rhapsody is putting the tracks on both memory cards. My settings in Tools > Preferences > Devices > Connected Devices aren’t sticking; I wanted to just use the internal card until it fills up, but the external always comes up first in the list (thereby making it my “default” storage card); I have repeatedly tried to make the internal card my primary device, to no avail.

Problem #2: When I click a memory card in the left pane at Rhapsody, Device Options becomes available above my Tracks (on the right side of the screen). Under the Music tab, there is Music Playlist Options where I choose which playlists that want to update automatically. Well every time I add a new playlist, it appears checked on both memory cards, transferring duplicate tracks … one to each card.

Problem #3: my 8GB external card is being labeled as 4GB; however, when I select the card in Rhapsody, it’s correctly shows that the card has an 8GB capacity. (Down the road, once I’ve filled the 8GB card with more than 4GB of data, we’ll see if this is a real, or just mis-labeling, issue.)