Need a non-technical answer to duplicate track transfer

Hello All,

I’ve searched on this topic but all the responses are too technical so hopefully someone can break it down for me. I have a Sansa Fuse and I use Rhapsody. Granted, I don’t quite understand the transfer process so perhaps you could point me to the most user-friendly, dummy version user guide. But my problem is, each time I sync, I find more duplicate tracks showing up on my Fuse. Also, what is the easiest way to delete duplicates? Oh and lastly, why are some showing an icon beside them and others are not?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Somehow, I am reminded of Theodoric of York.

Using Rhapsody, there will be two devices shown in the sources pane. Are you transferring tracks to the external memory, if you have a microSD card mounted?  If so, you will see a card icon on the player next to each track on the card, when viewing at the songs level.

If these icons are appearing on the screen when Rhapsody is open on the PC , there are songs flagged for purchase.  Your Fuze may have been connected in the wrong USB mode.  If connected in MSC mode, Rhapsody assumes that the player is not a Rhapsody device (since the licenses can’t be transferred in this mode), so it flags them for purchase as basic MP3 files (no DRM).

IF you transfer the track to the internal memory, and later to the microSD, you’ll see duplicates on the Fuze.  To verify this, look at the songs on the player.  Do the duplicated titles look the same except for a wee card icon?

The above tidbits should help you to isolate which situation is present.  Let me know where the icon is appearing, on Rhapsody, or on the player itself.  If you have duplicated titles, let me know if that’s the case.  Then I can keep things more direct for you.

Once we establish (clarify) what you see, fixing it will be simple.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: