Rhapsody tracks to external storage (microSD)?

Rhapsody gives me an error like format unsupported when I try to transfer subscription tracks to the microSD card.  Does Rhapsody only support the internal memory for the all-you-can-eat music?

Wow!  Sorry for the tumbleweeds in here.  I’ve been out for the last week, in the neighborhood of the Livermore Laboratory, and I thought there’d be a suggestion by now.

First, be sure to update Rhapsody to the newest build, as the latest software build has patches specific to the Sansa Fuze and the SD card.

Sorry, I’ve been concentrating on the “naked” Fuze (no card installed), working with the R4 client so far.  I haven’t tried transfer of any WMDRM / Rhapsody subscription data to the SD card yet.

Be sure to update your Rhapsody by clicking Help > Check for updates, and upgrade the Rhapsody client.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: