Rewinding makes the sound lost

I think this is definitely an bug, on pause and rewinding the mp3 music, I can’t hear anything after resuming the music again. I can see the progress bar is moving but just can’t hear anything. I must restart clip jam to make the sound back again. Anyone has the problem? I am using Folder menu to browse and play music.


in that case you can also try to manually upate the firmware of the player to see if that resolves the issue. 

I am already running on 1.0.3. Is there any new firmware available now? Though this issue cannot be reproduced every time, It’s a serious one indeed.

I ran into that same problem yesterday. Glad to see it’s an actual firmware bug with 1.03, which is what I have, and not the new headphones I got. As far as I am able to find 1.03 is the only update available for now.