Results from data recovery firm for 64gb sdxc micro card

I sent my 64gb micro sdxc card into a data recovery firm to try to recover files recorded with my gopro hero 3 black edition

here are the results

Direct Quote

Our lab has completed the evaluation and the card was found to have severe firmware corruption. The memory chip in this card is a monolithic technology which makes recovery highly complex (may be even temporarily unrecoverable).

We will need to do whatever is required to try to get a read from the memory card.  If we regain access to the data, we will do a logical reassembly to try to put the files and directories back together to get them as close as possible to their original state.  At the end of the process, we will provide you with a file list to review so you can approve the completion of work.

The cost of the recovery will be $950 and the estimated time to complete your case is 9 business days. 

End of Quote

gopro released a firmware update yesterday. Anyone experiencing these types of issues should probably update their gopro firmware. It may prevent some of these types of issues. 

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I had a similar problem. My card was brand new and the gopro deemed it unreadable after recording a fair amount of video and images. I used the sandisk pro recovery software that comes with more expensive cf cards.

It works really well.

My issue is I used that same card again and the samething happened, but this time the files show up with only a 5 digit counter where the file name would be, not the standard gopro file name but still with .mp4 and various file sizes but I can’t view the video files.

How do I not recover but fix those files?

I think my one card might be completely useless. I havent had trouble with others

Late to answer! But, I still want to share my experiences with you.

I have ever also encountered the similar data recovery problem as my Micro SD card is accidentally dropped. Every time I tried it on my computer, a card error messages will be gave and asks me to format it before using.

So, in case of any unwanted data loss, I just followed some directions and tried some efficient data recovery freeware online like 4Card Recovery, iCare Data Recovery Free and Recuva, etc.

Fortunately, after trying them all one by one, I eventually get back all my wanted data back with the first 4Card recovery tool. Am I lucky?

Thank you for reading my experiences.

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